Matt Lerner, Owner of Frederick Coin Exchange

I started collecting coins when I was 5 years old; and fell in love with the hobby. My mom used to drop me off at a local coin shop and I would spend hours and hours there, until one day, they asked me if I wanted to help them out in my free time. How could I say no? Well, I was 11. So they couldn’t really ‘hire me’ but could give me free coins in exchange for helping them out. 

In 1999, when I was 13, I was introduced to eBay. I started out selling state quarters for .99, plus .49 for shipping and handling (of course). I’d ride my bike to the post office and away went the coins. 

In the beginning I did it to make enough money so I could buy the coins I needed, when I graduated from high school I decided coins would be a great way to help pay for school and got more serious about the business.  

I applied to 12 different schools all over the nation. The first school I visited was the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I fell in love quickly. Not by the academics, not by the campus, but by the fact that there were five coins shops within 15 miles of the university.

I quickly sent in my acceptance and began to network with a local dealer. Soon I became the ‘go to’ buyer for all of the local shops, buying their excess inventory and selling it to dealers and collectors all over the nation.

I graduated in December of 2007 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in marketing and decided pursue coin dealing full time. 

I opened my first physical retail location where I grew up in Frederick, MD in 2009. We’ve become one of the most competitive coin and precious metals dealers in the area.

Meet our staff: 

James Brown

Born in Frederick Memorial Hospital, Jim is a Frederick local through and through. He served in the United States Marine Corps flying Huey Gunship Helicopters in Vietnam. Jim started collecting coins at an early age and remembers when you could trade a 1950-D Jefferson Nickel for a double eagle. He has been dealing in US coins and vintage sports memorabilia over the past 40 years. Jim has been with the Frederick Coin Exchange since it’s inception.

Robbie Smith

Robbie is a life long Walkersville resident and Hood College Graduate. He has been in the retail coin and sports card industry for over 20 years. While not at work Robbie enjoys spending time duck pin bowling.

Brian Knezevich

Brian has collected coins for over 13 years. He is the Frederick Coin Exchange’s world coin specialist. He is most interested in Australian and British coins however his knowledge is extensive for most countries.

Jennifer Weinberg

Jennifer has been an admirer of the arts for her entire life, especially sterling turquoise jewelry. Jennifer’s responsibility is to ensure all jewelry items purchased through the store are uploaded to database that is accessed by law enforcement officers all over the country to ensure items sold to the shop are the legally owned affects of those selling them.

 Alex Kidwell 

Alex still remembers being taken to coin shows when he was 5 years old by his father. He is a collector at heart including: Coins, Pocket Watches, Vintage Cars, Guns. His knowledge of all things collectible and the history surrounding them is extensive. His coin passion is early copper colonial coinage.

Daniel Gentzler 

Dan is a University of Maryland – College Park graduate and former Detroit Tigers Minor League Baseball Side arm pitcher. He is responsible for all of the accounting at the shop. If you want to buy his baseball card, you can find it here on eBay.