Buying & Selling Vintage Sports Cards & Memoribilia – Maryland Dealer

Vintage Sports Cards

Located in Frederick, Maryland, we are primarily a rare coins and precious metals dealer, however we also have extensive knowledge in vintage sports cards and memorabilia.

We buy old pre-1975 baseball cards

We buy old pre-1975 basketball cards

We buy old pre-1975 football cards

How it works:


  1. Search your house, safes, or bank safety deposit boxes for any unwanted vintage sports cards or memorabilia. Vintage is defined as dating 1976 & before. We do not purchase any cards made after this date.
  2. Bring in your items to be evaluated by FCE’s experienced staff.  We evaluate Sports Cards and Memorabilia on every day EXCEPT Friday! 
  3. FCE staff will evaluate your items Rarity, Condition and Demand.
  4. We make you an offer on the spot while you wait and if accepted, you will be paid on the spot.


Please note: We do NOT purchase items from anyone under the age of 25.